Thursday, May 10, 2012

Return of the Zombie Mom

Last night was one of those nights that Murphy's Law of Diabetes fated to happen. I have been running around mentally and physically lately with a lot on my plate.  There are occasions coming up and never enough hours in a day to get caught up on everything.

Yesterday I was feeling great. I had my mom's Mothers Day gift all wrapped.  I was working on sorting out my youngest son's cell phone.  I had picked up a few of the required items for my oldest son's graduation including his card. My youngest had the new running shoes he had been bothering me about. I was happening. I finally called it a night well after 11:30. That is pretty late for me these days but I felt great! You know where this is headed right?

My biological alarm clock is back on track and at 2am I woke up.  I stumbled to my son's room, tested his blood and waited for the result. It was 5.6 (100).  What to do? What to do? He could go up.  He could go down. I didn't want to treat or reduce any insulin just in case but...

Back to bed I went. I would be up in another hour.  Once again, my personal alarm did not fail me and I crawled back out of my bed.  Good call Mama Pancreas...a lousy 4.6 (83).  This was not a good trend. I grabbed some orange juice (remember he hates the glucose tab hangover) and gave him the straw to drink. I curled up on the couch with my book and attempted to turn the words in front of me into meaningful sentence. 

Thankfully it was soon time to retest. I turned off lights and headed back to my son's room. All would be fine. Wrong! He was now 4.4 (79).  Insert profanity here alternated with the "thank you Lord for waking me up!" prayer.  Okay, more juice, more reading, more waking up. 

By about 4:30 all was good for me to head back to bed.  So much for sleep. I knew I would not get to go back to bed the next morning and I didn't. I have simply spent the day as a walking zombie but what can you expect when you live with diabetes? Only the unexpected of course!

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