Saturday, May 26, 2012

You just never know

Recently a friend shared her daughter's experience and I wanted to share it with you.  Its a fabulous reminder that no matter what we think or do, Diabetes is always with us.  We must always be prepared and never let our guard down.  There is no situation in which it is okay to forget a meter, insulin or extra glucose.  Things happen and when Diabetes is also in the room, normal things can be dangerous!

Hello Barb. I wanted to let you and your other readers know about something that happened to my daughter. We were staying at a hotel in Toronto last weekend. She went to the pool area for a bit, then got stuck in the elevator for 50 minutes. We rode it up to our floor, then the door wouldn't open, then it continued up and down without opening for 50 minutes. She was in contact with the hotel people with the emergency phone and the hotel contacted our room to let us know what had happened and that they were getting her. took 50 minutes. After she was released from the box she wanted to walk the 7 flights back to our floor, and the security person escorted her. The hotel went to great lengths to make up this inconvenience to us. I hold nothing against them. My reason for sharing this is a reminder that diabetes must be considered for everything we do. Even something as innocuous as an elevator don't know how long you could be in there. Now I have another time to ask her if she has her glucose.

This experience sent shivers down my spine and I am so grateful that it was shared.  How often have we run out somewhere for just a minute without worrying too much about supplies but how often can we get sidetracked by friends, stuck in traffic or caught up in an emergency that does not allow us to get home when planned.

Diabetes does not care what situation you are in. You must always be on guard. You must always have your exceptions because, well you just never know!

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