Monday, May 14, 2012

Diabetes BFFs

I can't believe it but once again I am going to take part in Diabetes Blog Week.  After a month of blogging, this week should be a piece of cake but doesn't this week also happen to fall on the same week that my oldest son graduates from high school? Karen, what are you doing to me? Despite that fact, I am going to do my very best to keep up and join in because I truly LOVE Diabetes Blog Week!!

Day one's challenge is to share our favorite, and hopefully new to others, bloggers.  That is a tough one! I admittedly do not constantly follow a lot of people. I watch for their posts to show up on twitter and when they catch my eye I read. 

Having had diabetes as an unwanted house guest for over 12 years, dealing with a toddler, a preteen and now a teen with diabetes, my favorite blogs come from adults. I want to hear from those who have been there and somehow lived through it. 

I still enjoy the comic relief and raw prose of people like Reyna at Beta Buddies.  I completely admire the courage of Meri at Our Diabetic Life. Blogs such as The Corner Booth have given me a huge insight to the world in which my son lives.  I will be sad to no longer see Mike's updates there but look forward to reading more from him in his new role with Diabetes Mine

Another young adult that I enjoy following is Lauren from The LD.  Her struggles and her youth is both refreshing and informative. I often want to reach out, give her a hug and take over her care for a bit to give her a break. She continues to amaze me.

There are so many great blogs out there. These are just a few of my favorites and I look forward to finding many more as others share during the first day of "Diabetes Blog Week"!


  1. Wahahaha, I am so EVIL that I specifically scheduled DBlog Week for the same week as your son's graduation!!! Ah, just kidding, of course - I'm sorry I had such crap timing but I really appreciate you joining in again anyway!! Great Find a Friend choices too (and I hope the week went smoothly for you!!)

    1. LOL!! No worries Karen. So glad I found a way to be a part of it and now hope to catch up on all of the great blogs I missed last week :)