Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Diabetes Goes to Grad

As I had mentioned at the beginning of last week, the May long weekend was especially important for my family this year.  It was the weekend of my oldest son's graduation ceremonies. As we now live about 10 hours apart from each other, there was a bit of travel involved to get us to the event but it was completely worth it. I was so proud of how handsome and poised he was.  He appeared to completely enjoy his day.  It was amazing for me to see him with all of his friends--now young adults, and remember so many of them as tiny, little children.
My graduate and his beautiful date

The day progressed wonderfully. Diabetes stayed in the background and the day belonged to my oldest son and his proud family. Diabetes would not stay quiet for too long however!

Because we had driven so far, we also took the opportunity to spend some time with dear friends in the area. My youngest son enjoyed traipsing through the woods and catching up with his best friend but all too soon the weekend was over.

We headed back to our hotel room and prepared to make the long trek home the next day.  As we got ourselves ready for bed one last time, my son said to me "By the way Mom, I am 2.4( 45)"  You have to be kidding? It was close to 2am. It had been a long, long week and I was exhausted. 2.4? So much for sleep.  We sat up and pretended we were awake while he ate some glucose tablets.

"Mom, there are some cookies here too. Do you think I can have them too?"

"Do you remember what Joe said? You will send your readings through the roof if you just keep eating."


"Alright, give it a try."  I was way too tired to argue with any conviction.

Thankfully it did not take long for the low to come back up and we all could go to sleep.  We were up bright and early the next morning and on the road for home.  Part way into our 10 hour drive, I heard those words again..."Mom, I'm low. Have you got any glucose?" 

Crap! I knew I had some somewhere but where? I dug through my purse (it could double for a suitcase so digging is really an apt term!). There were two bottles in there when we left. What did I do with them? I had a small purse that I carried during the grad. Did I forget to take them out of there? I found two lollipops and tossed them to him, hoping it would be enough. He was quite happy and felt that they should be our new "low treatment".  Not a chance!

I realized afterwards that the glucose in my purse had been used the night before and were packed in a bag behind him.  Oh well, crisis averted...for now.

We safely made it home and Diabetes was quiet.  There have been a few more lows and a lot more activity. I know that there will be a lot more adjustments to be made in the coming weeks and a lot less sleep to be had, BUT we made it through graduation weekend and that is what counts!
Thanks Larry for being our photographer for this one :)