Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mom, You realized that I saved my own life!

My son is supposed to be in swimming lessons through school.  Week one he hadn't registered properly and he wanted to study for a math exam so he didn't swim.  Week two he was high and he claimed that I told him that when he was that high it was dangerous for him to swim so he sat on the sidelines and studied his math once again.

We were now on week three. I had been in contact with his homeroom teacher because she was concerned about the time he was missing at the pool.  We were both certain that this day he would be in the water!

Breakfast was bolused so he would not be high at the pool. His swim gear was in his bag.  An extra site was packed just in case. We were good to go! Until the text message came in..."I will weird i think im droping or something". 

Panic quickly began to set in.  My son is fanatical about his spelling when he sends a text message. Most people use all sorts of short hand and he is no different to a point. He likes his words to be spelt properly if he is typing them out.  "Will" instead of "feel" put me on edge.  I called him asked him what was going on.  He told me that he was in range but he knew that he was dropping. I suggested that he take glucose for the impending low, disconnect and hop in the pool.  He would be fine but double check half way through the lesson.

When he came home that afternoon I asked him how things went.

"Well basically I saved my own life! You see, I was 8 (145) when I tested but I knew I was dropping.  I ate the glucose like you said but I didn't go into the pool.  I sat on the side and talked diabetes to my old science teacher.  Remember, her husband has Type 1? Well we chatted about him being really high at sea one time and having to be airlifted to the hospital.  After a bit I retested and after doing nothing and eating glucose tablets, guess what happened? I was lower still! I was down to 5 (90).  Can you imagine what would have happened if I had been swimming? I would have dropped like a rock! It would have been have been horrible. I could have died in the pool!"

What could I say? He was a little dramatic but I agreed that he had done the right thing.  I keep praying that one day he might actually use the lessons that I have been paying for.  Diabetes does not seem to want him to swim...and funny but my son for once is happy to agree with it!

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