Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One Thing to Improve

Today's prompt asks  us to come up with one thing that you could improve on...and maybe start today!

One thing? That is so hard to narrow down.  I think that there are a lot of things that I could improve on.

I could be a better advocate.  I could be dedicating more hours each day to the task and working harder to see more successes.

I could put even more hours into my website and blog.  I would keep things even more updated and spectacular than they are now.  Links would be fresh and new. Articles would be engaging and I would catch the attention of more advertisers allowing me the financial resources to fully devote myself to these first two shortfalls.

More realistically the biggest thing I that I think I need to improve on is my son's diabetes care.  I find it terribly difficult to balance between being on his case all of the time, monitoring, logging, trending, and tweaking versus allowing him the freedom to do his own thing and make his own mistakes.

I am trying to let him fall on his own more often.  I try to look at readings once a week and then calmly discuss them. I try not to completely freak when readings are not there that should be.  I make him count his own carbs most days and discuss his results compared to mine.

I still don't worry about him testing at night. That remains my job.  I still look for the best technology for him. His only interest in technology is getting an iPhone or the latest game for his Xbox--although he does appreciate a good meter!

When he makes mistakes, I take them to heart. I get upset because I feel that I have failed more than him.  I need to let that go.  Its hard. Its hard to watch our children stumble at any time. Perhaps we could have taught them better. Perhaps....

I have to learn to let go and then accept what happens and allow both of us to learn from it. It will day.

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  1. Oh too. Already, I have been letting go and following Joe's lead a bit. It hasn't been easy. Just to bike down the street to his buddy's house is a learning experience and growth. I love your example. I learn so much from your paces through this journey. Thank You.