Friday, May 25, 2012


Yes, I am back on the same topic one more time and have brought along our good friend Bob the Builder because "YES WE CAN!" get Mike Fisher, snowboarder extraordinaire and person with Type1 diabetes on The Ellen Show!!!

I had planned to move on to a new and very important topic today that was sent to me by a friend but its equally important for us to keep the momentum going on this.  As I explained the other day, Mike Fisher is a great young man with amazing courage.  He appreciates what Ellen gives back to the community and hopes that by appearing on her show, he too can give even more to the Diabetes Community.  We can help him.

Many of you read and shared my first post.  Many of you have gone to The Ellen Show and asked them to put Mike on stage with Ellen.  Many of you have even tweeted about it but now I want you to do more...tweet more! Share more! Get more people involved!!! Let's make this VIRAL!! In my province, the story of a person with over 100 cats in their home went viral so why can't the incredible story of a young man who lost his leg in a car crash, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, has become a world class snowboarder and incredible motivational speaker for young adults also go viral? We CAN make this happen!

On our way home from the George Canyon Heroes Tour, my youngest son asked me to help Mike get on Ellen. He said that we needed to do something. I promised him and my friend Sandy that I would do just that. I would blog, I would bother people I knew and people that I didn't. I would tweet. I would post on my website. I would do all I could to get the word out.

Yesterday I made contact with a person from a major news outlet. I asked that they consider a human interest piece on this wish.  They were game!  They wanted to know how much interest I had generated thus far.  They want to interview Mike.  They want to talk to my son about why he decided that Mike should have this wish.  All is amazing except for the last part. If you remember, my son has sworn off the media.  He did he last photo shoot for a CDA follow up report almost two years ago and he swore that his time in the spot light is officially over. Its going to be a hard sell to get him to talk to the media BUT I want to be able to tell her what an amazing job the Diabetes Community and the WORLD has done to share this (maybe then she won't notice his mumbles, grunts and attempts to end the interview before it starts).

I have heard that yesterday Barbara Walters did a piece on diabetes that was possibly her worst ever interview. She did a terrible disservice to the diabetes community and has many people terribly upset.  Let's fix this by getting Mike Fisher on Ellen. Let him educate the masses about the realities not further extol the myths!
Please, please, please, continue to contact the Ellen Show.  Please continue to share this on your Facebook page. Please send it to your support groups and private groups asking them to help us.  Please tweet about it, blog about it, tell your friends and family about it.  I am serious...if a house full of cats can go viral then the desire of one young man to help another see his dream of dancing on the Ellen Show should also be able to reach an incredible number of people as well! 

Let's show the world what a powerful voice we can be! We can change policies but for today, let's just change the life of one young man and improve the way the world sees people with Type 1 diabetes with a great ambassador!


  1. We want to see Mike dance with Ellen - And we want to see the media get diabetes RIGHT!!!!

  2. And here are some links for the media to actually get diabetes right!

  3. Take a look at this

    We've trended worldwide by doing this, and since all the fans then knew how to do it themselves, we trended on the April 25th Fox special as well. Follow it and it will work. Just pick your own hashtags.

    Hope you can make it work for yourself - but you have to pass the message on to all the people out there - mailing lists etc. Then hit twitter following a schedule. That's the idea. And it works.