Friday, May 4, 2012

Who knew I could do it!?!

I am sure the person most shocked by the fact that I actually completed all 30 posts on time is me.  I am of course a few days behind on their final wrap up but that doesn't count, right?? We had money to give away and a few great stories that were begging to be told NOW!

Despite being a 30 day challenge, The WEGO Health people did ask for a May 1st recap that I will do today....

What was your favorite prompt?  I think my favorite was one that made me go "what the heck? I have never thought about this before. I have NO clue how to answer this."  The prompt? Who are the five people you would love to have dinner with.  

For me this was a huge challenge because I am not a person into heroes. I do not have a bucket list. I meet people that amaze me.  I am blessed to know people that inspire me but to come up with specific people (dead or alive) to sit and chat with? That was just beyond the realm of my imagination. I did it however. Each person took thought and reflected a different aspect of me.  I needed my friend Kim because she is so thoughtful, reflective and amazing. I knew (and later told her) that we would do fabulously keeping conversations going by spelling off one another.  Betty Fox was one of the most amazing mom of a child with a life-threatening health issue.  Fredrick Banting? Well his genius has kept my son alive for over 12 years.  The Cozmo pump wasn't a person but it is so important in our lives that we have not had a meal without it in at least seven years.  Finally Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was someone that I wanted to pick their brain.  He had moved people. He had created change. I try to do that in various ways. I hoped that he would provide me with further insight.  

The most difficult? Well it was difficult and it made absolutely no sense to me...The Health Madlib Poem was completely beyond me. I truly did not understand it from start to finish.

Which prompts will I use again? I can't really say.  As most may realize, my blogs tend to be driven by what is going on in my own four walls as well as things that hit me from the outside.  There are prompts that were similar to posts I have written in the past and perhaps I will revisit a few concepts one day in the future but for now...well its back to our regular scheduled programming until Diabetes Blog Week later this month!

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