Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Share to Win

As promised for weeks on our Facebook page, today will mark the start of our very first contest! In March, AccuChek began their "We've Got You" Campaign. They wanted to highlight the human element in diabetes management.  We all know that no one is an island.  We get through and are able to move forward in life with the help of others.

AccuChek wants to celebrate this by offering you the chance to win $3500 to show someone how much they matter to you and how much they have helped you. By going to their Facebook page and clicking "like" before midnight (EST) on May 6th, you will be entered to win their grand prize!

That is all well and fine but what about the money that I promised you? Well AccuChek did not stop at just asking me to tell you to go over to their Facebook page and like them because they are such nice folks.  AccuChek wanted to help me to help you to thank even more nice folks! To do this, they offered to give me three $200 Visa gift cards to be given away as I chose! Now how cool is that?  I could create a contest. I could do a draw. I could run off to Mexico...okay I couldn't do the last part but I could come up with creative ways to thank you for reading and being apart of our lives! You have no idea how difficult that was. I am not an overly creative person so my it took some brainstorming with my son to come up with what we/I would do.  

The first card was to be given from me to someone.  It was to be someone who had helped me. Well you have all helped me at various times. Your kind words, the fact that you read what I write, the fact that you rely on my website to provide you with updated information. The fact that you share my stuff with others and recommend that they follow me. It all means a lot to me personally.  How then could I give back to everyone?

I couldn't but I came up with what I thought was the next best thing!  As many of you know, Childrenwithdiabetes.com has been a huge lifeline for me over the years.  They have become family.  I look forward to seeing many of you at their conferences each year.  I therefore decided to share with you through the CWD Scholars Foundation! I have been in contact with the amazing Mary Podjasek who is the President of the foundation and will be sending her $200 which will be used to help out a family at the CWD Conference this summer! Besides offering scholarships to students in the US who have diabetes and are going on to post-secondary institutions, Mary and her many, many volunteers also help to make sure families who cannot afford all of the cost of CWD conferences can get a part of this amazing family and enjoy the benefits of CWD.

The second card is will be awarded by my youngest son--remember he was helping me create the "contest".  He decided that he wanted to read your stories. He wants to know who has been your biggest source of support and what would you do with them to spend this $200?  What do they need? What would show them how much they mean to you? Post your story here, under this blog post (please do not respond anonymously or if you do, ensure that your email address is included in the comment).  The contest closes at midnight (EST) on the 6th of May and he will be judging on the 7th.  The winner will be announced by the 8th.  You will then have 72 hours to contact me with your mailing address for me to send you the card or a new person will be chosen.

This leaves one last chance to win $200 from Visa.  This will be a random drawing.  Anyone who comments on a blog post between today and the 6th, shares a blog post or becomes a new follower of this blog page will be entered to win.  Anyone who comments on the Facebook page, shares something posted there or "likes" us between today and the 6th will be entered to win.  Anyone who submits a tattoo to our tattoo gallery for display between May 1-6th. Finally, anyone who follows us on Twitter (@diabetesgoddess), retweets or tweets a mention about us (@diabetesgoddess), the blog, the website, our Facebook page, a post or this contest, will also be entered.  You can be entered more than once.  A winner will be randomly drawn on the 7th of May.  As with the winner of the second card, you must respond to me with your mailing address within 72 hours or another name will be drawn.

A final note, unfortunately this contest is only open to Canadian readers. I know that sounds so unfair but I did not make up the rules.  This giveaway is funded by AccuChek Canada and thus only open to Canadians. Sorry! Perhaps someone will sponsor another giveaway one day that we can share with even more of you! All entries must be in by midnight (EST) on May 6, 2012. Winners will be announced by the 8th of May and remember that you must provide me with a mailing address to get your cards to you within 72 hours of me emailing you to tell you that you have won or your card will be given to another person.
In the meantime...Good luck!! Have fun!!! We can't wait to read your stories and most of all.... thank you so much for all of the support you have given us.

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