Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spidey Senses on the Job!

Its Day three of the WEGO Health Activists Writers Month Challenge and the topics are getting more challenging. Today they ask "if you had a superpower, what would it be? How would you use it?".  This seriously had my tossing and turning last night trying to first think of what a superpower was and what super hero had the power that I would want.

My first thought was "aren't all parents super heroes?". I mean we know things. We feel things. We have to be on alert all of the time.  I then thought of parents with diabetes, or any chronic illness, we worry even more about our children. We hover and try to let them be children.  We try to carry as much of the burden for their health as we can, knowing that one day we won't be able to do that any longer.

These were not the kind of super heroes that this question was getting at so what did I know about other super heroes? Very little! There was Wonder Woman but her golden lasso really wasn't going to work for me.  There was Superman but flying and super strength did not appeal to me as things that would benefit my life either. What I really needed were Spidey senses.  That was it! I needed to be like Spiderman!

Climbing buildings is not my thing. I am terrified of heights but those tingly senses would accentuate the Mommy senses I already had.  That could be a really good thing!

Spidey senses would let me know when my son was dropping. They would tingle and alert me if we were heading into dangerous areas. It would be better than a CGM (and cheaper too!).

My new super power would alert me when he was going high. I would pay a little closer attention to that tingling feeling and I would know if there was a site problem, a pump problem or human error. I would intuitively know just what to do in all cases.

This hyper alertness would allow me to sleep knowing that if there were trouble on the horizon, my new spidey senses would wake me up! I would no longer just rely on intuition or guardian angels to get us through each night. This new super power would allow me to rest peacefully knowing that when danger was present I would be there!

Spidey senses. That is definitely the super power I could use! It would not get rid of that 3am site change we had last night, but it would have let me know that I had done the right thing and that all was fine afterwards.  This was definitely a must have super power for all super heroes...also known as parents or people living with diabetes!

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