Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cows equal diabetes?

Go to and write about the image that you see.
This is the prompt for today's WEGO Health Writer Activists challenge.
Bringing Them Home. Sunnyside Farm. by Peter G Hall
The picture I received is a picture of a painting. A lone man and a herd of cattle.  It took me only seconds to see how it related to my health issue...diabetes.

The cattle are divided into two groups and I instantly had my connection.  Diabetes!! The cattle can be seen as the disease commonly referred to as diabetes.  The large group of cows on the right represent the larger category of Type 2 (Adult onset) diabetes.  The smaller group to the left reflects those living with Type 1 diabetes.  Statistics always say that only 10% of people with diabetes have Type 1.

I was on a roll! The lone man walking between the two groups? Well he is not necessarily a man. He is me! He is a parent of a child with diabetes. It does not matter what "type" of cow his/her child is.  He watches over all of them.  He is concerned with all of them. He wants to protect all of the cows--to watch over them and keep them safe from harm.

A simple farm scene quickly becomes a health scene.  My brain is filled with diabetes and can see it in the most unlikely of pictures but there it is..."Bringing them home" becomes "Guarding the Herd" in my mind's eye with very little effort.  It is almost scary how easily that came to me.  How diabetes fills even the most obscure crevasses of my mind.  

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