Saturday, April 7, 2012

Its too early for "The Lecture" Mom

I got up at an ungodly hour to take my son to the airport. He was heading off to spend part of his Easter holidays with his dad, brother and friends.  As we drove to the airport I began....
Trip down memory lane...Easter many years ago

"Don't forget to text me with your readings.  If you are on quad or running around all day, use the "active" basal not the travel basal.  You need less insulin not more."

"Mom, we haven't even got to the airport yet! Its too early for "the lecture"....  Don't forget to text me.  Call me once a day with your readings.  Don't forget to test. Make sure that you bolus.  Do a site change."

I looked at him and laughed.  It is never too early to remind him but he seemed to have the rules down pat and I told him so.  I then suggested that since he obviously remembered what I was going to say, it would be really nice if he actually did everything that I asked.

He told me that he always remembers. I just shook my head and continued to drive.

As we sat in the lounge before his plane boarded I gave him a gentle reminder...I wouldn't want him to think that I forgot the full "lecture". I also reminded him to enjoy that is one thing that needed no reminding!

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