Thursday, April 19, 2012

Five people I would have to dinner...

Another day, another Wego Health Activist Writer's Challenge! Today's question is to come up with five people that you would love to have dinner with. Once again I have been challenged to really think.  I am very blessed to have been able to have dinner, or lunch, or breakfast with many amazing people in the diabetes world so who would I want to sit down with now?

The first person I would want to join me would be Frederick Banting.  I would be very curious to know how he felt to have changed the lives of so many people.  I would be curious to know what he thought of the fact that research had not progressed as quickly as he had anticipated and ask him what he would do differently today. 

Person number two would be the person behind the Cozmo insulin pump.  I am sure that there was more than more person involved in the creation of this device but for this meal, they would all be rolled into one being.  I would thank them for the most amazing insulin pump ever. I would beg them to take their knowledge and bring it to one of the remaining insulin pump manufacturers to reproduce. They would be told that they have spoiled us for any other pump and we desperately want to maintain their technology in our diabetes life.

My third guest would be Betty Fox.  I know, she had nothing to do with diabetes but she was one of the most amazing parents of the last 100 years.  Her strength in the face of adversity is something I admire.  She raised a son who faced death and when asked "why you?", he is said to have responded "why not me?" She took his legacy and maintained something that is still very much alive today. I would love to know how she did it. How did she brave through her son's illness and death?  How did she rise up to go on with such poise and dedication right up until her own death? How did she create this amazing family that continues to keep giving (her husband has picked up where she and their son left off).

I would also invite Martin Luther King Jr.  I would be interested in learning from a person who could empower people and create such amazing change. How he would deal with modern day governments and create equity for people living with diabetes would be of interest to me.

The final person I would want at the table with me is my friend Kim.  Kim is an amazing mother with a son close to the age of my youngest son who also lives with diabetes. I am blessed to have a lot of amazing mom friends in the diabetes community but I think I would need Kim at this dinner for one reason--she is so thoughtful and full of all of the right questions.  She is a wonderful woman that I know would come up with all of the questions that I missed.  She would be able to speak on behalf of other parents where I missed. Between us, we would get answers and thoughts on the tough questions.

As difficult of a task as I thought this was at the beginning, I can truly imagine sitting at a table with this amazing group. I hope dinner began early however, because I can well imagine conversations stretching late into the evening but the wealth of knowledge that I would take away from it would be immeasurable!


  1. Interesting list. Dr. Banting sure would be an interesting dinner guest. Makes me think of what I would want to ask him.

  2. You honor me, my friend.
    While I was reading, I was smiling, and in the split seconds of reading and thinking, I visualized our boys, I felt gratitude for the friendship, and pride for all that YOU'VE accomplished.
    Then I read my name ... and my heart skipped a beat ... my eyes welled with tears ... and I sit here now with a grin plastered to my face.
    I love you.
    I'll cook!

  3. awesome list! Dr. Banting is on mine too!