Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Mascot

Today's Health Activist Writer's Challenge was probably one of the easiest for me yet because I have already done it! They asked that you create a mascot for your disease or yourself. 

Years ago, (over ten years now!) when I first decided to create www.diabetesadvocacy.com, I wanted a logo that really fit me.  It also had to fit diabetes.  I decided that the Phoenix was perfect.  As I recently mentioned in a Diabetes Mine article, the Phoenix is a mythical bird.  Its beauty is unsurpassed  but it is also a bird that has crashed and burned leaving it unrecognizable until it rises again and shows its full beauty. 

This fit perfectly with diabetes (and in some respects my own life).  You are sailing through life thinking that things are pretty good.  Diabetes comes in and destroys all that you know.  You feel that your world has been shaken to the core.  Everything around you looks like rubble and ash.  Overtime, you learn to cope.  You learn an empathy that is greater than you ever experienced before.  You begin to rise up as a stronger and more beautiful person than you knew was possible.

You become the phoenix and nothing can stop you. You know that you will always rise up and overcome whatever is thrown in your way.

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