Sunday, April 8, 2012

No you can't eat that chocolate bar!

WEGO Health Activist Blog Activity for day 8!

"Wow! That's a lot of Easter treats!"

The "loot" including the infamous chocolate bar
"Yes," my son said as he came in the door from school. "The bag of treats came from the bus driver and I won the bar."

"Almond and chocolate?? You should really give your mother that bar.  I love almond and chocolate!"

"Yeah, they told me that at school."

I was puzzled. How could his school know that I loved almonds and chocolate? "They told you at school to give me the bar?"

"Yep.  After I won the bar, they said to me, You have diabetes so you can't eat that but you can take it home for your mother."

I was stunned. Had these people learned nothing from my conversations with them? My child could not eat chocolate if he wanted to??? "They told you that? Are you serious? Have they never seen you eat?"

"I don't know but yeah, that's what they said.  They said that I couldn't eat the bar."

"Have they learned nothing? Why couldn't you eat the bar if you had insulin for it? You don't have to eat the entire bar at one sitting but there is no reason for you not to have the bar."

"I know" my son said as he headed off to his room with his candy...chocolate and almond bar included!


  1. Sigh. It makes me so sad to hear that they didn't listen and just go back to their old misconceptions. :(

  2. what is this? 1974?? i agree with karen. it's sad that they don't listen. but at least he knows what's what :)