Friday, April 20, 2012

Chocolate CURES diabetes!

Do you remember the chocolate bar that my son brought home before Easter holidays? The one that he was not allowed to eat?  Today we found out that this chocolate bar is not really a bar with almonds. Its a bar with special chunks that cure diabetes!

Seriously!! These small little particles that look like nuts are actually small encapsulated cells.  The coating allows them to be dissolved in the stomach and  release insulin.  Instead of being destroyed, these little guys are absorbed into the blood stream! The larger "nut" chunks go to work in the pancreas creating long term benefits.

These larger chunks are actually specially designed beta cells. They move through the body and head back to the defunct pancreas.  These amazing chunks then work with the pancreas and regenerate themselves.  After approximately a week of chocolate bars for breakfast, lunch and supper, the person with diabetes will notice substantial changes in their body and their insulin needs.

First, they will not require any insulin to cover the bars because the small particles are supplying them with just the right amount of basal and bolus insulin.  Second, they will soon not require any insulin at all because their body will quickly begin to produce its own insulin based on the regenerating beta cells.

After years of people saying "sweets cause diabetes" and parents of children with type 1 rolling their eyes and explaining how wrong they are, we are finally vindicated.  We can now say...Chocolate bars? Yes I feed them to my child with diabetes multiple times per day.  Didn't you know? They CURE diabetes!

Oh the joy! No more needles, no more pumps, no more night time tests.  Now its just chocolate and then CURED! Its time for the "we used to live with diabetes" get togethers.  Ah what a long road but it feels so wonderful to finally have success...a CURE for diabetes!

No I have not completely lost my marbles.  While a do remain a few short of a complete set, the WEGO writers challenge for today was create a miracle cure.  Sadly, there is no miracle cure. I wish a cure was a simple and giving someone a chocolate bar three times per day. In the meantime we will keep working towards good health and funding research that may one day lead us to that goal.

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