Sunday, April 15, 2012

I have a style?

What is your writing style?

Is it a bad sign that I read today's writer's challenge and thought..."writing style? What the heck are they talking about?"  I guess that about answers the question doesn't it?

I have no style! I just am. I am not a professional writer. I don't even play one in real life. I wish I was. I love books. I love the written word but alas, I am just a mom who plays a doctor, nurse, dietitian, cook, and a few other things in real life.

Do words just flow from your mind to your fingertips?
Actually that pretty much says it all! I began this blog as my own therapy.  A friend actually read it and wanted to be able to comment and share so I had to move it to the blogspot platform. It was a place to vent and let other parents living with diabetes know that they were not alone--insanity loves company!

Do you plan your posts?
Yes...and no. I have to have something to ramble about. I come up with amazing posts at 3am but usually have forgotten them by 7.  I write down some ideas to touch on one day. I will sometimes comment on things that I am doing or other posts that I have read that have struck a chord with me.

Title first or last?
Last, dead last. My titles are horrible! I love people who have amazing titles. They catch me. They intrigue me. They make me laugh. I struggle to come up with anything witty or that at least makes sense (see the title of this post for example!). I need someone to be my "titler"--the person to read my ramblings and come up with amazing titles!

Where do you write best?
In my mind! In my head, my posts are all brilliant! They are thought provoking. They are witty. I am a Pulitzer prize my mind.  Sadly, I just sit and my computer, type, leave, come back, scrap, delete, edit, re-post, leave it, come back and eventually press "publish".  Its that basic.

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