Saturday, April 14, 2012

An Insulin pump for a paperweight!

"MOM!!!!! Something is wrong! My pump fell out last night. I feel really weird."

"You are probably just high. Test and get a new site. I will be there in a second."

My son tested his blood glucose level and yelled at me again, "Mom this is really, REALLY weird!! My site fell out and, looking at the puddle of insulin on my sheets, it must have happened sometime late last night, but my reading is in range!"

There is no way that my son could be in range with no insulin. I was sure that something must be wrong.  I retested him on not one, not two, but four different meters. He was fine. Actually he is better than fine. His reading was a nice, pretty 5.0 (90).  He must have made a mistake about the site failure.  My son has had Type 1 diabetes since he was 2.  He cannot live without an external source of insulin.  His pump is the only way he gets insulin into his body.

"I am telling you Mom, I feel strange. I feel better than I can ever remember.  I must be cured!"

"And pigs fly! You cannot possibly be cured just like that. Your body does not just regenerate an organ.  There has to be a logical explanation.  Go and get ready for your day."

My son was adamant. He was cured. He did not need insulin.  He ate his breakfast but refused to bolus. I waited for him to be sick.

Two hours later, I was reminding him to test. He looked perfect--not his usual shade of grey that comes with being high. He showed me his results...5.4 (95ish)! He was perfect again. His grin filled his face.

"I think it will be A&W for lunch with a side trip to Dairy Queen for a banana split hold the insulin! Added to that...I don't think I will bother to test today!!"  With that my son made one last stop before heading out the front door. He turned to his insulin pump that had been left sitting on the counter and said "You've been a good friend for a lot of years, but I am sorry to tell you that you will now be used as a paperweight.  You did a great job of keeping me alive but I am afraid that your services are no longer required!"

With that he was off to enjoy his first day without infusion sets, insulin pumps, glucometers or even glucose tablets.  He was free!

I sat back and remained stunned. Was this possible? Had he somehow been cured? I went online to check with my many friends who also live with diabetes in their houses. The stories were the same! Somehow Diabetes had left the building! It had left the planet! We were living in a diabetes free world!
I felt light-headed.  There would be no more night time checks? I would not have to worry about his readings or him bolusing while he was out? I didn't have to worry about the cost of pump supplies or insulin? He was free? It was over?

I cried. I screamed. I rejoiced with family and friends! This truly was the most amazing day ever if only the annoying door bell would stop ringing. The constant buzzing was messing with my celebrations. Why wouldn't it stop? Was it just happy too?

Finally I realized that the "door bell" was my alarm clock. It was time to get up.  My best day ever was simply a dream to experience another day. One day maybe we will all be so lucky. In the meantime, its time to see if my son tested for that cereal he just had for breakfast.