Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quid Pro Quo

"Did you remember all of your readings yesterday?"

"Well, see, it was like this...I forgot my morning test."

"Did you have your meter in your pocket?"


"You said that you always remember when you have your meter in your pocket."

"Well, this time I forgot.  Did you text me today?"

"No I was busy with a lot of other things going on and didn't get the chance."

"Well, if you don't remember to text me, how can you expect me to remember to test?"

Quid pro quo...and Mom loses the battle. He later admitted however that he rarely pays attention to my text messages until hours after the fact but if Mom couldn't remember to text then how could I expect the son to remember all of his bg tests? I hate it when my children use logic on me that I have to agree with. I did text him the next excuse he cannot use this time!

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  1. I'm now on medicine for acid reflux. My husband has to take medicine at certain specific times or he'll pass out from a low very quickly. I sometimes go out and tell him very specifically when to take his medicine and I'll come home in a few hours and the pill is still on the dresser. My hubby has problems remembering to do things. Since I, too must take medicine I am more sympathetic because I have noticed that I, too forget to take my medicine with me sometimes although the consequences of not taking that medicine are not as grave as not taking the hydrocortisone.