Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Its like the dog's breakfast

Out of nowhere my son turned to me and said, "You know Mom, if I had to explain to someone what it felt like to be high or low all I would have to do is tell them to watch Suzie and Sweedums eat breakfast.  Suzie is what its like to be low and Sweedums is what its like to be high."

I stopped and looked at him. I was amazed.  It was a great analogy!

Besides being black versus white, our dogs are extremely different when it comes to food--especially first thing in the morning. Suzie cannot get enough food into her fast enough. To watch her eat, you would swear that she had not been fed in weeks.  She swallows a mouth full of food as fast as she can. Before you turn around, her entire bowl is gone and she is looking for more.

Sweedums is completely different.  She looks at her food. She sniffs her food. She takes one morsel and chews.  She repeats the entire process from sniff to chew for each piece of food in her dish--one piece at a time.  You have time to make breakfast, eat breakfast and clean up before she is finished her small bowl of food.

Now if we could just publish pictures of the dogs everywhere for young children with diabetes.  "Timmy do you feel like Suzie or Sweedums today?" What a great way to learn...okay only in our strange little piece of the world but I still really love and appreciate the analogy!

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