Saturday, February 4, 2012

It was the stress

Last night we were sitting around in the living room enjoying a movie and a few laughs.  My son pulled out his meter to test. He was relatively high and began to scroll through his meter. He soon realized that besides tagging if the reading was before or after a meal, you could also say that you were ill, exercising or stressed.

He looked at me and said "I'm 16.9 (305). I think it was the stress that did it."

"Stress?? We are watching a movie and you are sitting on the couch.  What stress? You have no stress."

"No. I'm positive that I am high because of stress. Look right here. See below the reading? Its says "stress".  The high must has occurred because of stress!" 

Ugh! Yes, this is what I have to deal with but it does not end there. This morning he woke up and again was running a little high.  He again told me that it was because of stress. I suggested it was because he didn't change his site the night before. Again, he swore that it was stress.

I suggested that he needed to go outside and shovel out the backdoor which was snowed in.  He said that he couldn't.  Snow makes him low and being stressed already he really shouldn't do anything that would add further stress to his body. I reminded him that exercise was a great form of stress relief and it would also help to lower his high bg level. 

Unable to win this battle, he changed the site and then shoveled out our backdoor.

Teens and gadgets...they can be a dangerous combination for parents' stress levels! I will however give him a A for creativity.

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  1. Ha!!! Loved his way of trying to fenagle getting out of shoveling the backdoor entry! Too funny Barb.