Friday, February 17, 2012

Another Baby Step Forward

"At lunch I have a sandwich and two juice boxes. If I bolus the right amount I go low so I have been bolusing for only one juice box and it works out fine."

Wow, I was stunned. My son had worked this out on his own! He may be forgetting to test and frustrating the crap out of me but when I least expect it he completely amazes me with his diabetes care!

"Grab a pen, a piece of paper and a calculator.  Let's figure out what your carb to insulin ratio for lunch really should be." I told him.

I had my child scroll through his pump and find out exactly how much insulin he gets when he under boluses.  We figured out how many carbs he really was eating and came up with his new lunch time ratio.  I then made him pull out his pump, go into the settings and make the change. His old ratio was way different from the one that he was using by not bolusing a juice box.  It obviously needed to be changed.

Today is the first day with changes initiated and made by my son.  I am curious to see how he does and proud as well. Despite my fears, and there are still so very many, he does pay some attention. He is learning a little bit at a time. There is some hope! I can breathe again...well for today anyway.

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