Tuesday, February 14, 2012

High? Low? or good to go?

The air was crisp.  The sun was shining. I was enjoying my skidoo ride with my son as my driver.  I can drive if I must but I much prefer taking in the sights and being a passenger.

As we drove, my son was chatting, singing and carrying on. He was obviously enjoying being on a machine for the first time this winter and cruising through the country.  Suddenly I realized that he hadn't said anything in a bit.  While I was taking in the scenery, he had gone quiet.  He wasn't bobbing his head around.  He just drove.

My heart stopped. I began to panic.  I had forgotten that diabetes was with us for a short period of time. I had glucose in my pocket and the glucagon kit was tucked away in my pants. That was not going to help me if my driver was low!

I yelled out over the sound of the skidoo, "High? Low? Or good to go?"

My son looked back at me over his shoulder like I was insane. After a brief glare, he replied "I am fine". 

Phew! I know that he is good at knowing his body. I know that he is a great driver.  I still had that moment of panic.  That "what if" that quickly consumes your mind and you visualize going head first into a tree because your driver has passed out at the handle bars before you realized what was happening.

The day continued into the evening. Diabetes behaved and eventually I put my imagination back on a leash and continued to enjoy life as a passenger.

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  1. Have had diabetis over 40 years , have had on occasion that unresponsive thing happen to me , I deal often more times with Low blood sugars , and Have learned more and more to be prepared always , we as People with Diabetis , Must deal personally with all that come's at us , Routine is my most important way of keeping me on track and it has worked for me , we are all different , so find what works and Live with it , Thanks Randy