Sunday, February 12, 2012

Enjoying the outdoors...with diabetes!

Getting ready for a day on the snow...

Sled is on the trailer--check
Helmets are in the truck--check
Gloves are packed--check
Warm hats for under the helmets--check
Long underwear--check
Woolie socks--check
Good boots--check

Now for the pockets...
Lip balm--check
Cash just in case--check
Cell phone--check
Turned off the data so you don't kill the battery searching for Internet--check
Glucose tablets--check
Syringe in case the pump dies--check
Hand cleaner--check

I was so busy filling my pockets with things that I did forget a scarf for my neck. Thankfully it wasn't too cold so my coat and three shirts kept me warm.

And so we headed out for a day on the snow...with diabetes coming along for the ride of course!

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