Friday, June 24, 2011

When perfect isn't so perfect

I was tempted today to just re-post My Favorite Number blog.  It kind of fits with my night. My son's readings have been all over the map. I am sure that is in keeping with the crazy weather--one day summer and six days of late fall. We have days of extreme activity followed by days of xBox and Dukes of Hazard movies. Add to that sites that are usually left a day or two longer than they should be and you can see blood glucose anarchy quickly developing.

Last night I expected highs.  He had a totally lazy day so when I looked at the blood on his finger as I tested, I predicted that it was of the "high" consistency.  Wrong! It was of the "crap, which way is it going to go" consistency.  He was perfect. He was 5.2(94).  It was 3 am.  What was he going to do for the rest of the night? Would he go up? Would he stay the same? Would he drop? Perfection is rarely achieved. What was I to do?

At 3 am, I hedge my bets that he will drop and feed him two glucose tablets.  I stumble back to bed hoping that I haven't sent him nice and high for his first full day of summer vacation.

When I woke up the next morning, I got up and tested him again. I was positive that I would see a 9(160). I was sure that I had driven him up. Wrong again! He was low.  I went out to get him some juice but of course we only had Crystal Lite.  Okay, I will add sugar to it! A few big spoons full of sugar and off I went to wake him up and get him to drink. I don't normally wake him but its morning and I was up so he could be also!

After a glass of sugary juice and he only went up to 3.5 (65ish).  Next stop was tablets.  I fed him at least another four.  As he was eating, in his sleep, I couldn't help but think "Rockets--the breakfast of champions!"   I so need a life!

As you can see its been a fun filled start to summer vacation. He will be heading off to his father's for a few weeks soon so I had better get things a bit more in control by then. Wish me luck!!!

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