Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Vacation brings Mommy Anxiety levels to a new high

School is officially over and my nerves are already staring to fray.  Despite a very slow start to summer (as in I am still waiting for it to truly arrive!), my son's insulin needs have managed to plunge dramatically. I have adjusted carb to insulin ratios and numerous basal rates over the past few weeks to no avail. 

I have been religiously pouring over log sheets trying to establish patterns and set rates. I have tried to guess future activity levels and needs. Despite my valiant efforts, I am failing miserably. 

Tomorrow my son will be heading off for the first official leg of his summer vacation--a few weeks with his father and brother. I am verging on pure panic and trying to appease myself knowing that there always seems to be a guardian angel watching over him when he is away.

I have a book that I will be carrying around and we will set up times to call when he can give me his readings. I know he will not be pleased to do this but 5am lows followed by mid-afternoon highs and early evening crashes are going to be the death of me otherwise. 
I try to make sure that he is running high before he goes away.  The reasoning behind this is two fold.  One, I know he tends to be on the go more and eating less when he is away.  I also know that he tests less and forgets more when Mom is out of sight.  I would rather him run high and be off in the woods playing with friends than be low and get himself in trouble in the same situation. At the moment, I am not sure that I have accomplished this. I will be doing a bit more tweaking today and then saying a lot of prayers!

Technically this will be my two weeks off. I will be able to sleep through the night but I won't.  I will worry that he is not checking himself and all of the worst things that could happen. He has a deal with his father where by they alternate for night testing. Its probably a good thing but it still makes me nervous as neither have been very good at retesting after a late night low. I also know, as many people have told me in the past, when Mom isn't there to act as his safety net, he will (and does) step up to the plate more.
So as of tomorrow night I will have to shelve my worries. I have to remind myself that he is going to have fun and catch up with family and old friends. I will text.  I will call. He will eventually answer. I will be counting the days until he comes home and he will be counting the days until he goes back. All I can do is pray a lot, keep my concerns to myself, and hope that all I have taught him is starting to sink in and that he will surprise me with his care while he is gone!

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