Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Evil Pancreas Minions vs...well me of course!

I recently went to Chapters and bought myself a few books. I love reading Deepak Chopra whether it be his fictional works or his more serious spiritual works.  He always gets me thinking.  This morning I started reading his book "The Book of Secrets".  Its all about "Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of your Life". 

As I moved through the first few chapters, I read something that sent my mind reeling in a direction that I am positive the author did not intend.  He wrote that intelligence was found in other parts of the body beyond the brain. Organs such as your stomach and liver actually "think".  This got my over-active imagination heading down cartoon alley.

I could instantly picture what had happened with a diabetes diagnosis.  I have often referred to diabetes as a living thing. I personify its evil nature and discuss it as if it were a spoiled child.  It turns out that I am right! The way I see it, if Type 1 diabetes occurs because of impaired beta functioning in the pancreas then the "brain" of the pancreas has been injured.  The result is confusion and mayhem.  The minions left in the pancreas have no true leader.  Their brains are addled. 

As in any state of chaos, groups or small armies of these minions will form.  They are the evil forces that cause highs and ketones.  A rival gang contributes to lows and people becoming hypo-unaware.  When we speak of the diabetes gods plotting against us, it is in fact these minions plotting and using their injured brains to wreak havoc in their world which creates more insanity in ours. 

I could create an entire movie out of this.  The end result would of course be a cure.  The pancreas would receive the mind altering treatment that it needed to control its evil minions and those living with diabetes would be saved! It would be huge--a true block-buster! The treatment would be delivered not by doctors in lab coats but by super-heroes in cool costumes. 

I can see it all now!! If only we could do this in real life but a small flight of fantasy away from the realities of the evil minions is not so bad is it?

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