Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am the Worrier

"Shooting at the walls of sanity
Bang, bang!
I am the worrier!" 
I know, I have completely ruined a good song but the melody kept playing in my head after I wrote the first draft of this post so now you can have it play through your head as well!
I worry. I case you have missed that from other posts, its a fact.  I can worry about anything and anyone.  I am "the worrier"! It takes nothing to set me off. My mind is incredibly creative and I really wish I could harness its abilities in ways that would add increased revenues to my life. Unfortunately, my creative mind is used to fuel my worrying nature.
I worry about my son in school, which leads me to worry about children with diabetes in schools who have parents who can't vocalize their children's needs.  I worried about how I would pay for the medical devices that my son needs which led me to the DTC and then to insulin pump funding. Worrying has some uses but it also can mess with my nerves and my life in general.

Case in point--yesterday was a dull, dreary and rainy day.  3:30pm came and went.  My son was not home from school.  3:45pm came and went but still no child.  There is a lot of construction occurring between our house and the school that my son goes to.  They must have been caught in some of that mayhem. Maybe they were stuck behind an accident that had happened along their route.  I could feel worry creeping up on me, but I tried to be reasonable.

By 4pm the reasonable part of my nature was quickly giving way to worry.  I could see them no longer being stuck in traffic because of a car crash but now my son's bus was in the crash.  I tred his cell phone.  There was no response.  My son is great at ignoring his phone, turning it off, and basically making me wonder why I spend the money on this communication tool when it is not used.

Next I pictured him injured.  The cell phone would have been beside him vibrating but he could not get to it.  Would an EMT know that he has diabetes? He had his pump but would they know what it was? It is attached to him.  What if the pump had been smashed? If he was in an accident, the pump could be damaged.  It could be ripped from his body.  Why haven't I put a medical tag back on his necklace? Why didn't I replace that MedicAlert bracelet? I know, he loses them and they have changed their fees but what if he is laying there and no one knows that he needs insulin?

At that point my phone rings.  "Mom, did you forget that I had hockey?"

Hockey was the day before and it didn't happen because of Sports Day.

"No, Mom I told you that it was rescheduled for today.  I sent you a text.  My phone died right after that though and I couldn't use it to call you."

I told him I would be there in 20 minutes.  My mind quickly settles.  I vow that I will get him a new medial charm.  I will look into updating our Medic Alert file and getting him a new necklace for the summer. As for the phone? Well he said it needed to be charged. I may have to look at the waranty on his "new" phone...yes the one that I did not get an extended waranty for last fall. Oh the joys of parenthood...and being "The Worrier"!

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  1. Oh man I can't imagine how much you worry! You and my mom :) I wear my medic alert bracelet ever day even though I wear a pump for that same reason.