Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Diabetes Vacation

Technically I am on a diabetes vacation.  There is no night time testing. There is no carb counting or yelling out "did you test?".  There are not even any text messages asking "What is your bg level?" The phone smashing to the floor of McDonald's and never recovering took care of that one.

My son is visiting his brother and his father. He is now in charge of his care.  This does not make my life as carefree as it sounds. I sit here, hundreds of miles away from him, and worry, think and wonder what he is doing. Is he testing? Did you change that site? Does he have a new cartridge in? How are his readings going? Has he been low? How high have his highs been?

I do try to not think of diabetes 24/7.  I have tried to limit my worry and let him enjoy his time away. Before I dropped him off, there were numerous pep talks. There were a lot of reminders. After a bit he said, "Mom, this is me you are talking about.  How can you think that I wouldn't test or remember these things?"

Um, perhaps because I live with you!

While we wait for me to have the chance to switch his phone over to another model and mail it to him, its messages through his brother and daily phone calls when he gets up to go over readings. I would love him to call twice a day but this is where Mom has been good. He needs his space.  He needs to do his thing.  Mom has to wait...and I have.

We have had calls that consist of...
"7.8 at 10pm, 13.1 at midnight, 4.0 at 3 am, etc."  but we have also had calls that were "Yeah, I was a bit high but I ate that bread and messed up the bolus."  Followed by, "okay we will go over specifics on another day when you have a bit of time.  Have fun! Love you!"

The vacation is tough. Its strange having no children and no diabetes.  Its great to be able to rollover at night but there is a lot of prayers at the same time. If I woke up was there a reason? Did he wake as well? Is someone watching over him? So far, yes to all of the above.  He has been doing well with his care and is great at calling.  The honeymoon may wear off and teen forgetfulness may creep back in but only fourteen more days.  Soon enough I will be back to complaining about sleepless nights once again!


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