Sunday, June 12, 2011

The "Lord help me!" Basal

As I mentioned before, it is technically trying to head into summer here.  Temperatures have been all over the map for the past few weeks and more than two hours of sunshine at any given time is considered a miracle.  Despite that fact, my son has been more active than ever.  He is out playing hockey with friends in the neighborhood, at school and in other people's neighbourhoods.  We have had him mowing grass and helping with renovations to the backyard.  He has been a busy boy and his blood glucose levels are beginning to tell the tale.

We have gone from rarely seeing numbers in the two's (36+) to having a new favorite number of 2.9 (52). He was 2.9 at 9pm.  He was 2.9 at 3:30am. He was 2.9 at 10:30am.  He was 2.9 at 2pm.  You get the idea. 

I obviously have some serious basal adjusting to do. In the meantime, I have been trying to ward off all of these lows.  We have an "active day" basal for things like sports days or times when we know he will be on the go for at least eight hours.  We also have a "LO" basal for those nights when I have been fighting lows and nothing seems to work.  Because we have rain, sunshine, drizzle, rain, and then sunshine, I have been using the "LO" basal.  It gives us two hours of reduced basal rather than dropping things for the entire day.

Today  after umpteen lows, juices, and retesting, I reminded him about the "LO" basal.  As I was talking to him, my brain thought, "To heck with a LO basal or an Active Day basal.  What we really need is a 'Lord help me!' basal."  It would be the one you push when you are clean out of options.  You would implement that basal when you felt you have colossally failed as a pancreas and need divine intervention.  It was for those times when highs would not come down no matter what you do and lows refuse to respond to any of your treatments. 

With summer coming and my children away from my for much longer than I would like, a "Lord help me!" basal would also be perfect to keep him safe when he is away.  I would set it before he travels for any length of time and could truly rest while he was gone.  This is definitely the solution to many of my worries. Its not a cure but it would help reduce the rapid increase of grey "worry" hairs that I continue to get.  I mean, Divine assistance? That could be pretty powerful!

Alright pump companies, get on that phone and see if you can get a direct line to a higher
 power. Ask him/her to work with you on that new basal rates for frazzled parents and people with diabetes please.

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