Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It doesn't end with November

November is drawing to a close and so is Diabetes Awareness Month. I have seen a lot of awareness activity over the month on Facebook and Twitter. People have been stating their wishes. They have given daily facts.  It has been amazing. As the month ends though, the best post I have seen came from a friend who noted that while Diabetes Awareness month is almost over, her son continues to have diabetes 24/7/365.

In December we will still be fighting for better coverage of diabetes devices and supplies.  In January we will still be fighting to improve education, awareness and assistance in schools for our children with diabetes. In February we will still be working to get our teens to remember that they have diabetes and must attend to their care.

That last statement is the most depressing to me.  I keep wondering, when will he ever learn??? Today I realized however that it had much more to do with him living with "teen brain" than it has to do with him having diabetes.

Last night, while logging his information off of the pump, I noticed that he needed a site change.  When he headed off to shower, I reminded him that that would be a great time to do the site change he was supposed to do a few hours before. He didn't do it. As I headed to my room to read and fall asleep, I again reminded him to do his site change. He mumbled something back.  At four this morning he was high despite a change in basal rates. I knew that the site was not changed. This morning I got him up early with the words "Change your site before you do anything else." 

As he was leaving for the bus, I asked "Did you change your site?"

"I will when I get home."


I was not pleased. I then looked into the garage where the box that I had asked him to take out to the garbage still sat.  He did not bother to remember the site change but he hadn't remembered to do other chores either so what can you do? Scream. Bang your head against a wall. Make him do it when he gets home and threaten to do it for him in a site that he HATES...or eat your young before you ever reach this stage. The last idea is not longer an option because he is bigger than me.

No diabetes and teen brain do not end with November.

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