Thursday, November 17, 2011

More noises from Charlie Brown's Teacher

When my son came home from school, I reminded him that I wanted to look at his pump and meter later that evening.  I asked him if he knew of any trouble spots that I should be concerned with. He said that he had been high after breakfast but felt that that was probably because of a bolus error. Everything sounded good...until I checked the meter and the pump.

I looked at the meter first. There was a 5pm test and a 1pm test.  Okay, what happened to the 2:30-3pm test? There was the high from breakfast, and the tests from the previous day but wait, we were missing a few more tests.  There were almost as many missing readings as there were readings. This was not good.

As I thought about the after breakfast high, I began to wonder..."Let me see your pump."

"Are you going to make some changes?"

"Just let me see your pump.  Yeah, I thought so."


"Well, you came home after school went straight to the fridge.  I asked you if you had tested and you said that of course you had but your meter says that you didn't. I see that you didn't bolus your lunch until 1:30pm. Since you are in class at that point and a missed meal bolus alarm went off, I am guessing that you forgot to bolus your lunch.  When I checked for a breakfast bolus, which I remember asking you not once but twice this morning if you had done it, guess what I saw? No bolus again!!! You seem to be forgetting an awful lot lately.  Are we going to have to go back to you testing and bolusing in front of me as well as texting me all of your readings from school? Will I have to demand your meter the second you walk in the door from school?"

"I can't believe this.  I must have remembered to bolus. I can't believe I forgot to test.  Let me see. There has to be some mistake!"

I handed him the pump and told him the only mistake was his in forgetting most of his care. He had only bolused for one meal that day and that was the meal that I bolused. Things would change I reminded him as I walked out of his room.

Outside, I wanted to bang my head against a wall. Oy!! We really do make one leap forward and six shuffles back.  Teens really do have minds of sieves.  Its back to observing and not just reminding. Its hoping that one day some of what I say will sink in and mean something. One day I hope my voice will be more than the squawking sound of Charlie Brown's teacher.

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