Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Glucose in the bathroom

November is Diabetes Awareness month.  Many people are wearing blue on Fridays to raise awareness, Facebook pictures are appearing with blue circles posted around them, and others are gearing up for the Big Blue Test

Another awareness initiative that has been suggested was "30 days and 30 wishes".  The idea was to take the 30 days of November and each day publish a diabetes related wish.  The first day, I asked the question of what your wish was for day one on my Diabetes Advocacy Facebook page.  The overwhelming answer was "A Cure!" plain and simple.  That one is a given so my wish was posted in yesterday's post--that my son did not have to worry about his blood sugar before bed or know the danger of going low in his sleep.

Today's wish is that we did not have to have glucose stored all over the house and in our car.  As you can see by today's picture, my son believes in being prepared and recently has begun keeping a tube of glucose gel in the bathroom he uses to get ready for school and shower.  Now I just wish that I knew what in the world possessed him to put a tube there!

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  1. I also have them stashed everywhere. lol. Then I'll forget and find them later and laugh to myself.