Friday, March 25, 2011

Do you not understand a "snow day"??

I asked my son for his meter last night.  As I looked through it I saw, high, high, high, no test, no test, and yet another high reading.  I turned to him and asked if he somehow missed the pattern here?

"Did you do that site change I asked you to do?"
"No.  I can't put it in my stomach on my own."
"Well I have been home for how many hours to help you and there were the past two days that it should have been done on."

Eventually we get it all straight, complete with a "Common Mom, say it."  Say what? He proceeds to say his name with drawn out exaggeration mimicking me when he has managed to mess up in his care. I tried not to laugh and reminded him that he could have avoided all of this.

Site changed, readings back down in range, and I was off to bed! I woke up at 2:30am and of course thought "Just one more hour.  PLEASE!!??"  I rationalized that he had been high lately and he probably would be okay tonight.  One more hour would not hurt right? The little angel on my other shoulder reminded me that there was a reason that I woke up and I had better haul that lazy butt of mine out of bed NOW!

I stumbled my way straight into his room. I did not stop to use the washroom or get distracted in any other way. I was a Mom on a mission--although a slightly foggy one.  I found his kit, lanced his finger and waited the lovely 5 seconds (after having to wait 30 seconds for results, you have no idea how much pleasure that still gives me especially in the wee hours of the morning!).  The result...WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED???  Holy crap.  Grab the juice.  This boy was low! Now not the LO low but the "way lower than we normally experience low" and the "way too low for 2:30am especially with a mom who was going to let it slide" low.  I filled a large glass of juice, found a straw and touched his lips.  He began sucking and the mommy guilt slowly tried to grab hold.

I should have known! He had been a little low around this time earlier in the week.  He had gone with a bad site for who knows how long.  Being a bad mom, I had not been on top of when his site change was due nor did I make sure it was done on time.  He was using his stomach--which means awesome absorption of insulin.  This was all a recipe for a low--especially since I had upped his basal rates during that time in reaction to the previous highs.  Ugh! What had I been thinking? Oh well, it was time to read my book and wait. 

When the required time was up, I went to check on my son and see if he was okay and I was good to go to bed.  Nope! He was lower still.  Insert a lot of very colorful words at this point.  Holy crap! More juice, grab the bottle of glucose tablets.  Feed him a few tablets.  Add a bit of juice to remove the tablet "hangover" he complains of after feeding them to him during a nighttime hypo.  I try not to think at all about the fact that I didn't want to get up.  I focus on the fact that I did get up and I really did want to be reading my book at 3am.  Its an okay book.  What else would I rather be doing? Okay, I won't answer that and read for a few more minutes. The second retest and we are good to go.  He was heading up and I was heading to bed once again grateful to that little voice that kicks my sorry butt out of bed that night. 

As daylight began to think about appearing, I found myself awake again.  I could hear the storm that was forecast and was positive that it would be a snow day.  I waited to see if we would get that 6am phone call from the school's automated phone system.  Nothing.  I really didn't want to get out of bed. I knew that there was going to be no school.  Finally I saw the flash of red on my phone and knew that it was a message from the school.  BINGO! No school for today! Oh yeah! Back to sleep for me! Happy squirm in bed!
 Perhaps I should test him first just in case, I thought.  The bed was really warm though.  Did I really want to move and disturb anyone else? Look what happened last night. Okay, I got out of bed and guess what? Yes, we were back to being low.  He was only 3.1(55) this time.  Still not good but not as bad as during the night. More glucose and juice but this time I crawled back in my bed.  For some reason, I have this delusion that after daylight, he will wake if low and I will be off the hook.  I waited in bed, trying to fall back to sleep but no way.  I got up and retested.  Un-freakin-believable!! He was lower than he started! Super crap! Doesn't Diabetes realize that this is a "SNOW" in a sleep in day? This is so not supposed to happen. More juice, more tablets and eventually I see an 8.6(155) and I am ready to hunker down and enjoy some extra sleep for our extra long weekend. 

Just as I cuddled in, Larry could take no more.  I had been up a million times and he was getting up for breakfast. I should have gotten up too but decide to try and hang in a little longer. It didn't work. Soon we were both up, and my son? Well he slept until noon.  He is sick so Mom gave him a break.  I just wish Diabetes was as nice as I am!  

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  1. Lots of night time wake up's , as I can and am so that I do have an angel looking out for me , I have had diabetis for over 40 years and have had many many reactions I could story on , But all is Good , Listen to the Gut when you have this feelings , because the price of a test strip or 2 is nothing compared to a bad decision !! Take Care