Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Diabetes is like a quiet child

I figure that it has been awhile so I deserve to whine.  Actually "wine" sounds a lot better but it might also make me whine more. So what is my problem? Diabetes of course! It won't let me be sick or healthy.

How does that work? Simple.  Larry has been telling me for days that I cannot escape his hacking, coughing, sniffly, keeping me awake at night germs.  The poor man has been dying with a cold that comes and goes only to rear its head every time we want to sleep.  He has medicated himself with both home remedies and good old Benelyn.

Despite my best efforts and a daily does of hot apple cider vinegar, I can feel my throat getting scratchy, my eyes are dry and my chest is heavy.  I am normally very aggressive when this sort of thing happens.  Its the aforementioned hot apple cider vinegar during the day and one good dose of Neo-citron at night. 

Obviously I have occasionally been sick in the years since Diabetes moved into our house. I have been lucky though in that I have never really been drag down, let me lay here and die sick in years.  I am nowhere near that sick right now but I would love to do my usual cold butt kick routine and have it done with. Diabetes won't allow that tonight.

Why? Well you see the problem is that Diabetes is behaving.  My son's nighttime numbers have been incredibly good.  He is staying around 6 (108) all night long--well as all night as my testing shows.  One might think that this is a good thing and I should easily be able to medicate myself without worry.  Wrong!

You see, since he is perfect, I know that there is trouble brewing.  Diabetes is just like a child playing quietly--you know that they are playing quietly because they are happily redecorating your walls with permanent markers.  Diabetes won't color our walls but it will make my son's blood glucose levels drop soon.  I won't be lucky enough for him to spike. Yes, that is lucky because I can correct, sleep and deal with it in a few hours.  No, I know that he will soon crash and I will have to wake up at the right time, test, feed, wait, feed, etc until I want to scream.

Now I could take a chance, try to medicate myself and then hope that I wake up.  I could rely on the amazing Guardian Angels that watch over him at night and manage to kick my sorry butt out of bed when I don't want to move.  They have never let me down yet but I fear that I may let them down.  What if they try to wake me and for the first time I win, say "No way Jose. I am asleep!" and he is low? He won't wake up.  He never does. One day he will (I pray!) but for now, he sleeps.

So, time to grab the wine or perhaps just some herbal tea and aspirin and hope to ward off the germs flying around our house for just one more night.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon!!! Me too, btw. I just got Joe's cold that he had for the past week and a half...BAD COUGH. And, you are right about "D" being a quiet child...with the markers ready to do some redecoratin' ghetto style! :)