Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do my eyes deceive me?

Armed with a load of clothes, I head into the dreaded "boy cave" also known as my son's room.  As I enter, I can hear that the XBox is already up and running and conversations have begun--he has been home for at least 15 minutes so I should not be surprised, right? Imagine my surprise, however  when I see a black tv screen and....my son with a pen in hand working on his log book!

After that brief minute when my heart skipped a beat or two I noticed that the screen was black because it was "loading game" but the log sheet was really out! He was actually going to fill it out...like with real information! What was going on?

A quick look back on the last twenty-four hours brought immediate understanding. This was not a spontaneous move towards maturity and taking care of his diabetes.  This was the result of Mom telling him sternly (I really didn't even yell or completely lose it!) that all log sheets are to be completed on a timely basis with ALL required information provided OR the beloved XBox would be disabled until said son could do as he was asked.

Again, this was not met with exuberance and "Of course, Mom.  I apologize for being so slack lately." It was met with teen sized attitude.  In our house the attitude is met with relative silence of mouth but exagerated actions. This time, the exagerated actions caused him more problems than he had anticipated. 

In his grumpy mode, he ignored the fact that he was told to either leave the garbage on the front deck or in the garage. Using his teenage wisdom, he felt that the garbage was to go out at that moment--in extremely high winds and a snow storm, rather than the next morning before school.  The result? The door being blown off his hinges and a quiet hush coming over the house as Larry and I both pictured having to buy a new door in the morning.  We were not pleased but remained eerily calm. He knew he was in trouble.  Accidents happen but if he had ditched the attitude and listened...well we would still have a door attached to its frame!

Thankfully, in sunny conditions, the door was able to be repaired.  I sent my son a text to let him know that I would not have to take the price of a new door out of his hide.  The result...Mr. Perfect Diabetes Son who logs when he gets home. Big price to pay for compliance.  Hopefully we can maintain this without any repeat episodes of the door removal incident.

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