Monday, April 18, 2011

He woke up!!

This weekend we headed off for some relaxation and spring cleaning at the cabin.  We brought the ATVs, the axe and of course the Fantastik with bleach for the tough spots! Fresh air, a few good rides, clean surroundings, the sound of birds and wonderful company made for a great weekend.

But of course we could not leave Diabetes behind. Once again, the checklist was brought out...

Do you have extra strips?
Two bottles.
Do you have spare sites?
How many should I take?
One for every day we are gone. You can never have too many sites and don't forget a syringe or two just in case! Do you have cartridges?
A spare meter?
I think so. Yep, its here!

Did you notice the item that we once again forget to check off from the list? Yes, after a near disaster this winter, we still forgot to add the vials of insulin to the check list! There is always insulin vials sitting on his dresser.  I was sure that he would add one or two to his kit.  What was I thinking??

Day two of eating, exercising, and fresh air... My son boluses his food and I notice that the plunger is pretty high up in his pump. 

How much insulin do you have in there?
Oh I have lots! At least, well, there's 35 units left.  Is that bad?
Did you bring a spare vial?
Um, I think we have some left from that other trip.
Did you bring a spare vial?
I guess you won't be eating much for the rest of our time here!
"What do you mean exactly by not eating much?" asks the human garberator also known as my youngest son.
I mean, you have enough insulin to cover your basal for 24 hours and a bit.

On the upside, we were not going to be there for 24 hours.  The downside was there was still a marshmallow roast, breakfast (his highest insulin meal of the day), and a cooked lunch.  The upside was they had eaten most of the marshmallows the night before so that treat was pretty limited. He carefully monitored his food intake for the rest of the night. He had sugar free jello a lot and used an apple for a low.

Sunday morning arrived with sunlight streaming in our bedroom window.  I could hear someone up...and they were stoking the fire! This was good. My son is never up before us but I would enjoy the heat in the cabin and chaulk it up to him wanting to get out and enjoy his last day on his ATV before we went home. Eventually I got up, after I was sure he had everything organized for the rest of us. I told him how surprised I was that he was up.

I was low.
You were low?? And you got up? On your own??? Holy crap! Are you serious?
Yep, I was low.
My baby is growing up! You woke up to your low!!

I grabbed my son and gave him a huge hug. We were all in shock.  He will be spending time with his father over Easter and I am always worried when he is away from me and my CGMM system.  Could he really be sensing those lows in his sleep? I am not about to count on it. I am however going to be extremely grateful that he is at least occasionally (once in a lifetime could be considered occasionally right?) waking up to treat himself!

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