Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Vacation...The adventures of Day One

We packed up our supplies...with two vials of insulin for good measure.  I made sure that we had at least two meters, 100 test strips, and an infusion set for every day my son would be away from home.  There would not be a problem on this trip!

We squeezed our way into the car and prayed that my oldest son would pack light or we may have to strap him to the roof! Thankfully we all fit in...with a bit of room to spare.  I was really prepared for this trip.  The first length of our trip was a nine hour car ride. I had my son put the "travel basal" into his pump and we were happening!

We bg levels stayed relatively stable despite the hours in the car and the only exercise being lifting his diet Pepsi to his lips at a restaurant. When arrived at the hotel room, we unwound a bit before enjoying big slices of pizza and garlic fingers.  I went to bed certain that no activity and pizza would result in some lovely highs that night.

At 3:30, I woke up and stumbled over to my son's bed.  The room was dark and I didn't want to wake Larry, my other son or the dogs.  Both dogs were on my son's bed.  Our dog didn't move at the sound of me going to test my child.  She was used to this routine. It had been around longer than her.  The other dog is Larry's and she perked up her head.  She wondered what was going on.  I was collecting blood from my child to make sure he made it through the night.

The blood looked to me like he was high. I waited the 5 seconds and was sure I would be entering a correction. Wrong!  He was low. Crap! Good thing I packed that bottle of glucose because the only beverage in our room was diet Root beer.  I tried to concentrate enough to count off four tablets.  I checked the clock on more time and looked longingly at my bed. I so wanted to crawl back in there and go to sleep. I knew if I did...well I would fall asleep. Darn! Time to get out my book.

I couldn't read it in the hotel room.  There were five other bodies that would not have appreciated me turning on a light to read for the next 15 minutes or more so I headed to the bathroom. I set myself up on the edge of the bathtub and proceeded to enjoy my new novel.  After 15 minutes, I was joined by Larry.  He noticed that I was up and wondered what was going on.  I said "3.3(59)" .  He just nodded and continued on with his business.

I decided to go and check my son. Victory!! He was in range! Time for some sleep...not a lot mind you as we had to be up early to continue on with the next leg of our journey.  But as they used to say on one of the TV shows the boys used to watch "that is a story for another time."

Happy Easter!!

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