Saturday, April 30, 2011

Diabetes Nirvana

Despite the latest insulin fiasco, my son claims that his vacation from me is going well. I am still waking up every 3-4 hours thinking that I should check him but am enjoying rolling over instead. I have one more night to enjoy before Diabetes returns to kick my sorry butt.

In the meantime, life has been fabulous in a way that only makes sense when you live with Diabetes.  When I returned home, the dreaded A1c report card was sitting in the mail box waiting for me.  Our nurse had told me to email her next week with the results of his A1c and his routine celiacs blood work so I was surprised to see a number in the A1c section. My surprise quickly moved to elation when I saw a low 6% result!

All of my frustration, complaining, sitting down and logging, nagging, and logging some more had finally paid off! I was over the moon! I wanted to scream and do a happy dance in the middle of the living room.  Larry asked if this result was something permanent.  I told him no.  This just means that we did a good job over the past three months and now we have to work again to do the same thing over the next three months. The plus side is of course the theory that it will offer him some metabolic protection later in his life. 

I texted my son to let him know the amazing news.  His nurse had told him at our last visit to be happy with an A1c in the  7s%  but he knew that I wanted lower if possible.  I told him "ur a1c came back and u did an AWESOME job!".  His response was "Great. I am going 4 a ride.  Text u later."  Okay, so I remained the only person excited about this. I went to bed that night feeling so much better for all of the nights I spent awake.  I was winning. I was protecting my son to the best of my abilities and the result was a good grade from the lab!

After such an awesome diabetes day, life could not get any better right? Wrong!  I had a parcel waiting for me that I had to pick up. On the way over to the depot, we stopped in to pick up a few things at a local grocery store.  As I went to pick up two liters of milk, something caught my eye--Rockets in a box.  Rockets (Smarties for my American friends) are usually found here near Halloween and come in small rolls.  These were big Rockets in big packs. They looked just like glucose tablets.  That got me many carbs were there in a Rocket? It turns out that not only did they look like glucose tablets, they had the same carb half the price!! Oh yeah, the diabetes gods were smiling on me once again. 

Next it was on to the Purolator depot.  The box I picked up was huge.  Inside was a new Accucheck Mobile for us to test and review.  I love gadgets. I love diabetes gadgets even more.  And the thing I love the most? Free diabetes gadgets!! We haven't had a new meter to test out in ages so I can't wait to pull it apart and see what we think.  My son liked the Accuchek Compact although I was not that fussy over it.  This one seems really heavy but it could be the packaging.  I will let you know what I think in the coming month once we actually try it out and see.

I decided to text my son with the latest good news--new tablets and a new meter. It was diabetes nirvana!  He was equally as excited and surprised me with a text that said "What was my A1c?"  He was paying attention! 
I told him "6.3" 
He replied "That's really good!" 
I said "FABULOUS! It shows what we can do together! Keep logging, keep testing, and we will keep doing a great job."
"K, I am going riding now. TTYL"

At least he showed some interest and a real understanding of what that meant.  We are making some progress....its painful but there is tangible proof that something is getting through!

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