Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Vacation...Part Two

The good news was of course the fact that we actually remembered to bring insulin on our Easter vacation. I packed not one, not two, but three vials.  We were set. They were put in a lunch bag with an ice pack, close but not with the insulin.  We had cartridges to put the insulin in and infusion sets for site changes. Life was good.

Our holidays went well. My boys enjoyed time with their grandparents as well as a great aunt and great uncle.  The weather was pretty good so there was yard clean up, tree trimming and lawn tractor riding to fill the days as well as a bon fire for the evening.

Diabetes is less stressful at my mom's because I know that when I am not around that she is asking my youngest son all of the right questions...
Did you bolus for that?
Have you tested lately?
Do you need the scale to get the carbs for that piece of cake?

Its a great feeling! Obviously my son feels pretty relaxed as well and quickly begins to forget that he still has some diabetes responsibilities.  His site was changed before we left.  A few days into the trip, I heard the beloved Cozmo let him know that it was time for him to change his site.  I asked if he had done it.  He was going to do it later on.  After having the site in for over five days and us heading home, he finally said, "I guess I need to change my site."

He once again claimed that he didn't want to change his site earlier because "Timmy", the tried and true site was perfect. It was working he felt and it would be wrong to try a new one.  In an exasperated voice, I explained to him that the "wound" created by his site was healing and "Timmy" would not be doing the job very well much longer.  I asked how his readings were. They were high.  I rested my case.  I did not freak out but I wanted to.  My other son and Larry each had a say also.  They told him that it sounded like it was time to change things. Eventually he agreed and said he would do it at our next stop for the night.

The site was changed but the cartridge was getting low.  Once again, my young procrastinator felt that there was more than enough insulin to get him through the next day.  He was going to his father's house the next day so I gave up.  He would fill the cartridge once he got there and was settled.  He had three vials so I would not have to worry....until I dropped him off and was six hours away from him.

At that point I got a text message from my mother.  "There were three vials of insulin left in the fridge"
Wonderful!!! was my reply.

I started to text my son but decided to call.  I asked what he planned to do.  He said he had some insulin in his Cozmo bag and it should do him.  I was worried about how potent this vial might be. I did not know how long it had been out of the fridge but I would have to take a chance before telling him to ask his father to go to a pharmacy and buy a vial of insulin.

As I began to breathe again, I decided that I could only be so mad.  He is 13 and admittedly very forgetful.  He did do the right thing by putting the bag of insulin in the fridge.  I was wrong in "assuming" that he had left it in his suitcase.  I should know better than assuming anything wth children.

Today I texted him again asking how things were.  All was fine. I needed to know how the insulin was working and figured a call was again the best method of communication.  He had been really high, he had been in range and he had been low.  The insulin appeared to be working and he was good to go until Sunday night when he comes home. I could relax until then and enjoy not having to test at night.

Okay, I am totally kidding about that last part.  I woke up at 3am the first night he was gone. I wanted to test him. I couldn't fall back to sleep. I took solace in the fact that he did wake up to one low recently and he will hopefully be more diligent when Mom isn't there to test. He will only be gone a few more days. I will try to not think about what can go wrong but be happy that he is enjoying time with family and friends. Now where is that wine glass???

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  1. Oh my! ENJOY the wine girl. I am loving these stories. I cannot even imagine, but know my time is coming.