Monday, January 3, 2011

Diabetes Holiday Sequel...or More Grey Hair

My son is now safely tucked back in front of his XBox.  My night-testing holiday is over and not a moment too soon! I haven't looked at his log book yet.  I don't have an idea of how much testing he did (or did not do) while he was gone. I don't know what bolus errors were (or were not) made.  None of that matters. Having a child with diabetes away from your watchful eye is stressful in itself.

My son enjoyed his time at his father's.  He caught up with friends, met new family members and enjoyed a short visit with his older brother.  Mom should have enjoyed not having to get up at 3 am each night but here or not, my body would not sleep through the night. I was awake as much or more with him being gone.  Last night I was awake more than ever when logic suggests that I should have been savouring that last full night's sleep until Easter holidays.  Not me! I wrote this blog.  I did errands.  I worked on my website...all in my mind of course but I never shutdown until it was time to leave for the airport this morning!

I did enjoy the time that my other son was here with us.  It was great having him around again even if it was only for a few days.  He is a young man now but he will always be my little boy.  He headed back to school with reminders that phones do work for more than texting your girlfriend.  He also left with a message for his younger your mother!

My youngest seems to have developed selective phone service.  Text messages and phone calls from Mom don't always get through for some reason.  This first started not long after he arrived at his father's.

"How are things going?"
"How are your readings?"
"I was high"
"Do we need to make changes?"
"Changed my site"
"So are things better now?"
"So are things better now?"
"What is K?"
"Yep to what??? Are you still high?"

And so the conversations continued. I would call or text. I would get one word answers that left me more confused than relieved.  He swears that his log book is done.  He was low this afternoon already.  Hopefully reading his log book will give me a sigh of relief because he did test, he did bolus, he did log.  I can dream, hope, pray!

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