Monday, January 17, 2011

Up, Up, Up and now down we go

It seems like forever since we saw any readings that were not double digits (over 180 for my American friends).  Of course during the neverending highs, we had my son's A1c done. We have not gotten back the results.  I really don't want to even begin to look at them. I know we had good readings somewhere in that three month period but when? For how long? I can't remember them so that cannot be a good thing.  Maybe I will just look at the date for our next appointment and not scan to the bottom to view our failing diabetes grade.

Since we saw our diabetes team last week, Mom went crazy and upped all ratios and basal rates.  Nothing was safe. As I state before--I was going to win! I would beat puberty. I would beat hormones.  I would see readings under ten again!

Not long after my acts of diabetes agression, I began to finally see results.  My son texted me from the bus "Mom, I have 7.6 (135)".  Happy dance! I wanted to scream! It was only one reading but finally something in range!!!

I held my breath for the next reading.  Could we go for two? Had I made some headway? YES!! Another good reading. I was doing a happy dance to end all happy dances.  He was proud.  I was proud and those around us probably thought we were insane.

I quickly got used to readings in range again. We still had blips and sites that fell out between my last test and him getting up but things were pretty good.  So good in fact that when we were out for dinner the other night and he said "Mom, I'm low."  I looked at him like he had three heads. 


"Yep.  I am 3.6 (65) and I need some glucose."

Again I looked at him like he was from Mars.  "Glucose? Oh you need some tablets! I know I have some somewhere. They have to be in here."  It had been so long since we needed them that they were lodged at the bottom of my bag.  The weekend saw more lows--not serious, scary, middle of the night lows,  just "Barb you over shot the mark a smidgen" lows.  This morning we went to the orthodontist.  When we came out I had my son test.  He was low.  He was out of glucose.  Did I have any tablets? What were we going to do? We had been dealing with highs for so long I hadn't concerned myself with carrying extra glucose anymore or topping up my bottles. It appears that neither had my son!

Tonight its tweaking of basals, praying that he doesn't go high again and happily filling up all glucose containers with glucose tablets.  Ah the joys of life with diabetes!

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  1. Good job Mama Pancreas! I love it when I finally see the setting work! Keep on tweaking and stock-pile the sugar!!! WOOT.