Friday, January 21, 2011

Voyages into the room of a teen with diabetes

Today I did the unthinkable...I ventured into my teenage son's room and attempted to tidy it up a bit.  In fairness to him, it wasn't too bad.  I made him shovel all of the used test strips, pump tubing, empty insulin bottles, and old school papers off of the floor yesterday.

My first stop was the bed.  Time to change those sheets! As I pulled back the comforter I found stray socks--used, smelly and rolled in a ball at the bottom of the bed, test strips, and his cell phone. I couldn't believe that he headed out the door this morning without it!  He must not have been very awake when he was heading out the door but at least I know he did remember his meter.
As I went to put on clean sheets, I continued to shake my head.  Down the side of the bed were another four or five used socks, an old cell phone, numerous dead test strips and a few infusion sets. 

The entire situation made me sit back and laugh.  He really is a teen boy--smelly socks, cell phone, deodorant, workout equipment, its all laying around his room in various states of disarray.  He is also very much a teen boy with diabetes--test strips(new and used), empty test strip vials, tubing, sites, log books, as well as full and empty glucose tablet bottles.  Oh my!

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  1. Oh the glimpses you are giving me into my future...I can smell it already! LOL. Love that he is a normal Teen Boy who happens to have "d".