Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week Day 2 Challenge...Glucose Tablets and Us

So are you having fun yet? Day 2 of the Diabetes Blog Week and I am still keeping up. I am so proud of myself but the topics are getting a lot more difficult. Making the low go...What is our favourite way to bring up a low? 

Personally I loved the day we found bottles of glucose tablets.  When we started our diabetes journey all we used were Jr. Juice boxes.  I thought that they were the cat’s meow. They had 15 grams of carbohydrates and you could take them anywhere.  Well sort of...after a bit of time they swell.  After a few years they ferment.  They do tend to leak and you should keep them in a baggie.  You can’t use just half a juice pack for a small low. You know those ones when they are just beginning to drop?

Candy was never a real alternative for us because my son thought is was so great to have junk that he savoured it.  Mom hovered scared to death that he would plunge and pass out.  The child sucked on that candy, licked at that lollypop and enjoyed every long second of it. Mom’s nerves just couldn’t take that sort of thing so glucose tablets became our next option.

At first we could only get the BD ones.  The flavour was awesome. I mean who doesn’t like a creamsicle? The cost was crazy. I couldn’t justify it. American friends heard of our plight and began to send us care packages.  We got tubes of glucose tablets and they came in all sorts of flavours! They had bottles of these things...and they came in all sorts of flavours!

So what is our favourite way to treat lows? Well for Mom it is glucose tablets.  They are quick.  They are efficient and occasionally just one tablet is fine while you can also give him four when needed. For child, glucose tablets are great to carry around. Candy is cool to get to eat but the Dex4 liquid? That is where its at! They are his favourite and have become a “treat”.  His brother will fake a low just to get either one. “Mom I am positive I am low. I really need those tablets/liquid”  Yes, we give out Green Apple glucose tablets or Dex4 liquid as Easter treats in our house!


  1. I never thought about the fact that a kid might like a candy "treat" so much that he would savor it instead of eating it fast enough to correct a low. Sounds like glucose tabs really save the day!

  2. Easter treats - too much!