Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 3: Who is your biggest supporter

Diabetes Blog week continues and my heavens what a tough topic! Who is the person who picks you up? Who is the person who is always there for you?  If my son with diabetes was writing this I would hope he would say his mom but who keeps Mom going?

Mom is definitely high maintenance so it takes a lot.  I cannot say that its just one person. At home, well the man in my life definitely is a wonderful shoulder to lean on but I have had to rely on others for most of this battle. If I had to say the one person who picks me up? The one person who is always there for me? The one person who will give me a kick or a hug when I need it?...well its my online diabetes family. 

No, that is not a cop-out.  It is a fact.  About nine years ago I searched online for help for parents of children with diabetes. I came across a mailing list that offered support on a website called I was struggling to get a toddler with diabetes to eat. I posted a question and within minutes I received a reply from two great moms.  They restated what I already knew but by them telling me things finally clicked. One of those ladies remains a wonderful friend to this day.  Over the years I developed more friendships through that list.  They have taught me so much and been there through thick and thin.

These people have not just help me with diabetes but they also helped me through the trials and tribulations of many personal issues.  They offered to stand by my side in court battles.  They cheered me on and encouraged me to create changes in the world of diabetes.

Because of  their encouragement, I met more diabetes “family” by creating my own website and social network.  This new group of people stood beside me as we blazed the trail for change.  We fought for tax changes.  We fought for children in schools.  We fought for better access to medical supplies. When things got tough, they were there to remind me how much what we were doing mattered.  I am honoured that some of these people say that I inspire them but the truth is that all of you inspire me.  You keep me going. You pick me up when I am down. When I want to throw in the towel you tell me that I can 't. 

I have been truly blessed by not just one individual but too many to name. They keep me going each day. My son is my reason for being on this diabetes rollercoaster and my reason for fighting so hard for so much, but so many of you are the motivation that keeps me going each day.    

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  1. CWD is where I started online as well. Ask a question and you get an answer - muy rapido!