Sunday, May 30, 2010

After 60 days...

I was cleaning all of the meters, test strips and lancets off of my kitchen table and for some reason decided to read a bottle of strips.  I rarely remember to look at the number for coding so I am not sure what drew my attention to the bottle this time but something made me read.  

There on the side was a cute little spot for you to write the date that you opened the bottle of test strips.  Below the date was a warning "Discard 6 months after opening".  I began to laugh. 

I am sure that we probably have test strip bottles around the house that are older than six months.  We do not often have test strip bottles that have been opened that have test strips in them after six DAYS let alone six months. Let's see, bottle have 25-50 strips in each container. We test 10-12 times per day so that means?? Nope not making it to the six day no matter how you slice it. 

I understand that the warning is for people with Type 2 who don't test very often or people who have been told to watch their readings.  For a house that has lived with diabetes for too many years, it simply provides a source of amusement for the day! 

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