Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A George Canyon Concert...from a PoCWD perspective

Mothers Day was made extra special for me this year when my fiance told me he had bought us tickets to go and see George Canyon and Johnny Reid in concert.  I had heard that the concert was sold out months ago and had forgotten that it was even taking place so imagine my surprise when I was told that I was going!

I was thrilled to get the chance to see both performers.  I had spoke to George Canyon at a Children with Diabetes Conference and had seen him perform on at least two occasions.  They were wonderful experiences.  I have enjoyed his music since he first won the Nashville Rising Star contest and his music began to be played on Canadian airwaves.  I appreciated his talent even more when I learned that not only did he have Type 1 diabetes, but he showed people his insulin pump during interviews.  This guy was getting the message out there and that impressed me. 

Mothers Day arrived and I was treated to a lovely dinner.  Afterwards we headed to the concert venue eager to know what sort of tickets we had.  My fiancé had bought the tickets over the phone and trusted the salesperson when she said that they were good seats.  Well, for us, they were great seats! We were sitting off to the side of the stage but only a few rows up.  We could see everything with great clarity. It was awesome!  

George Canyon was the opening act.  As I sat there I began to think and wonder...Does he bring glucose on stage with him? Does he use a temporary basal reduction for the activity it takes to perform a concert? Does he have to increase his rates for the adrenaline that will be pumping? Does he have a snack before he goes on stage? What was it like for him to perform live before the pump? How would you handle that sort of schedule and activity level on an NPH regimen?  Who has the glucagon? Does any of his crew know how to use it?

My mind basically was in "diabetes mom" overdrive.  I eventually pulled the reigns in on my mommy mode and began to laugh at myself.  Who thinks of this stuff besides a mom who has a child with diabetes? Who worries about where the glucose tablets are hidden except for a parent who is always asking "Do you have any glucose in your pockets, young man?" Who watches a man perform "The Hockey Song" and thinks, "What are his readings now? Is he dropping? He was pretty active during that song, I hope he compensated for that!" 

Thankfully I was able to sit back at one point and just enjoy the concert.  George was very entertaining.  His music was upbeat and his appreciation for the crowd was awesome.  Hopefully I will get a chance to hear him again and perhaps even ask some of those questions that ran through my head at the concert. I guess once you become a parent of a child with diabetes...well then no one is safe from the Momma!

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