Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Diabetes Mine Patient Survey's telling results

Not surprisingly, I belong to the international group “Diabetes Advocates”.  Yesterday Amy Tenderich from Diabetes Mine posted a link to a graphic and asked that the advocates share or comment as they saw fit.
For me the timing of this graphic was perfect. I had just been having an online conversation with another D-Momma about something very similar. She had stated that her son refused to wear a CGM despite her wishes that he would.  I told her that my son was exactly the same.
The Diabetes Mine graphic aptly showed both my son’s concerns as well as my own issues with technology.  I thought it was brilliant!
 67% of patients find the technology too expensive. My son and I are in agreement on that count.  He is horrified to think of how much he may have to spend on his diabetes care and threatens to go back on injections if his mother has not convinced the governments to cover his pump costs by the time he needs more help.
The biggest drawback to a CGM is the high cost.  I also agree with this.  My son however is more of the opinion that it is unappealing and uncomfortable (36%) and will further complicate his life (33%) by having him have to carry or wear something else on his body.
I would encourage you to check out this survey in detail. As always the folks at Diabetes Mine have hit on some great points that impact everyone dealing with diabetes. I hope that governments and insurance companies also begin to understand what these 700+ patients have said.  Perhaps then we can see some real change and viable access for everyone regardless of age, wallet size or geography.

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