Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who knew? I Should have.

I mentioned on Monday that I was writing a letter to our provincial government in an attempt to expand our insulin pump program.  I had created a group on Facebook as a way to unite people to get this done.  I knew from past experience that the more people involved, the more letters that were written, the greater our chances of seeing change in the 2012 spring budget.

I invited a few friends to this group.  I asked them to invite a few friends.  We were a small group.  With the exception of me posting encouragement, I did not see a lot of activity.  Was anyone paying attention? Had everyone given up before we started?

As I worked on a draft letter, a few people began to comment.  There were thanks for getting this together. There was an interest in seeing change.  Despite this I still was wary.  Could we create change? Could we at least mount a real campaign in support of this?

I continued to work on my letter. I read studies.  I researched dollar amounts.  I took notes and prayed that I could fit everything into some sort of order that would get the facts out there and would keep the reader's interest.

I sent a copy of the letter to the budget committee. I posted what I was doing here and on other sites and groups that I belonged to.  I emailed some people and hoped that they too would help.  I continued to rally my Facebook friends and family members to get involved. 

I didn't expect a lot. 

In the first day, a person that I had contacted said that five letters had been forwarded through themselves and friends.  Other people began to say that they too had forwarded the letter on.  Soon we had at least 20 copies of the letter sent out and it had only been day one. People were getting out seven and eight copies in a  day thanks to family, friends and their own dedication.  They were spreading the word. 

Yesterday the work week ended. I have no idea as to how many letters were sent out.  I had emails from people in other provinces who wanted to use my letter to help out in their area.  I had people without diabetes who have followed my ramblings who wanted to obtain a copy of the letter and show their support. I was truly touched.

I often worry that I am not doing enough. I fear that my time as past.  I think that perhaps I  need to just give it all up.  What difference does it really make? I am starting to see the difference. 

I can't say for certain that we will see a change in this budget.  I can say that we have created a very strong case. We have brought a large number of people together on this issue and we are not done! Letters and emails have until February 13th to be in.  We will see many more submissions made by that time.  Our voice is strong. I am truly amazed and privileged to have been able to be apart of such a wonderful group.

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