Monday, January 2, 2012

But my readings were still okay

Our Christmas break is over.  I enjoyed a wonderful holiday with family but all good things must come to an end.  Today I picked up my son from the airport. He had spent the New Year with his father. 

As with every trip, I packed extra insulin, test strips, and infusion sets. I added alcohol swabs and extra insulin cartridges.  He had his cell phone and as  was our routine, he would be able to check in with me by text or a phone call. He was set for his time away.

Once again, his cell phone quit working within a day of his arrival.  I really need to get him a new, more reliable phone.  I asked his brother to make sure that he called me after a few days. He did. He swore his readings were all pretty good. He had handled a low but all was fine. I reminded him that he was due for a site change. He was going to do it right away....or so he said.

This morning, as he sat at the table, I noticed his site was still in his arm.  I looked a little closer. There was tubing attached. It was red.  He had not changed his site! This was the same site that we had put in before he went away! I could not believe it. 

My son swore that the site had been working fine. He was running high today but it was the first time.  I did not even want to look at his meter.  If he managed to forget his diabetes enough to ignore site changes, how often did he forget to test? I have to remember that he is still young. He still has a few years left before he has to do this without his mother looking over his shoulder. Thank heavens for small favors!

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